Monster Legacy

#MonsterPresents NFT Community Twitter Spaces Info

You chose me as your Monster; I chose you as my Legacy. #TeamMonster

If you are interested in becoming a #TeamMonster NFT Twitter Spaces host or cohost, send your information via the contact page. You can avoid toxic spaces by looking for, and using #TeamMonster in the title of the space. 

Host: Monster @artmusicnfts







Brooke @The_Dahl_Haus

Tim @Frajder

Zeke @humanzeke

Nazaneen @iamneenso

Stan @NiceTypography


OpenSea NFTs

Voice NFTs

If you hold a Team Monster Medallion or badge, DM @artmusicnfts on Twitter if you are physically unable to verbally present your NFT project in Twitter Spaces, and it will be presented for you during episodes of Monster Presents.


Conversations w/ #TeamMonster

weekly schedule: Monday - Friday 10a-1p EST


Thur 7a-10a Asia; Africa; Eastern Europe NFT

Sat 6a-8a Farsi 8a-10a Igbo 10a-noon Yoruba

Host: @artmusicnfts


The NeenShow with @iamneenso 

in Farsi (English translation) 

Saturdays 6a-8a EST


The Chidigbo Show 

in Igbo with @chidimmpaints

Saturdays 8a-10a EST


Nigerian creatives hosted by @TifeChris

Yoruba (English Translation)

Saturdays 10a-noon EST

Kristen Brown aka Monster

Interviewing Monster

Monster Legacy Creatives Inc. is looking for quality written and verbal interviews of our CEO, Kristen Brown. If your interview is selected to be featured on the MLCinc website, you will receive $25 and a Team Monster tee shirt. Choose one aspect to focus on, or an interview focusing on all aspects. Most of the information is available on this website, and the Linktree in Monster's Twitter bio; but for more information, you can interview Monster according to the calendar above. Have fun! #TeamMonster

NFT owned by @humanzeke

Conversations w/ Team Monster

Monster Matches as featured on Monster Presents, is when Monster matches 2 or 3 people to serve as cohosts of a talk show, to interview one spotlight special guest, or a project team. These interviews take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on audience response. 

Conversations w/Team Monster is when Monster introduces 2 people whom have never met in real life, nor had any contact prior to coming to Twitter spaces. As the 2 people have a conversation to get to know each other, the audience listens, Monster interrupts, and at some point, some one cries. These conversations are just under an hour.

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