As long as  the butterfly persists in the company of caterpillars, it will feel like a freak. -Monster

Monster's Memos


Web2 is too toxic for Team Monster. I'm going to go find us a better platform, irl and web3. Stay tuned. -Monster


There's a profound difference between a person in existential crisis, and a person who desperately needs to be noticed and appreciated. If you don't know the difference, ask me, or another "authority on the subject", who knows the difference, and therefore knows the different approach to each scenario. They require completely different responses. You could save a life if you can easily spot the difference, and then know the different means of responding. 


The Dahl Haus is the only one who showed up for Monster Presents, so I take this to mean my space hosting services aren't needed or appreciated. I'll continue working for Team Monster Legacies in the background. I've been creating promotional blocks for each Legacy at so please check your block and send me what I need to make it the best representation of you, your nft project, and the cause your project supports.

Below are updates, memos, bulletins, alerts... that benefit or affect Team Monster.


If your badge is currently up on the website which is linked to your twitter. You can sell the badge (or a red medallion) for .091-.099 and then send me proof you sold it in the specified price range, to receive a new one free. You keep the money!! The idea is for Legacies to earn money from Monster nfts, while waiting for the market to switch from a bear to a bull market, then you guys can sell your nfts for what they are worth, which is way more than now. I can help you guys pay the bills, while you wait for your own nfts to be sold at a higher value when the market recovers.


If you hold any red Monster Medallions or an official Team Monster badges, you are welcome to now list them for sale between .091-.099

There might be a few out there for .01 still that you could scoop and flip for .091-.099 as well. Have fun; and welcome to Team Monster.


1) Sell your badge/red medallion for .091-.099

2) Keep the money 

3) Show me proof of sale within the price range I've specified

4) Receive a new one for free

5) Rinse and repeat

You can sell your red medallion for any price, but you'll only receive a free one, if you sell within the specified range, The point of this is for Legacies to earn money selling red medallions during the bear market, to save their own nfts to sell during the bull market.


If your badge isn't featured on the @teammonster.eth Instagram, DM it to @monsterskpop on instagram

How Legacies make money:

If you have a red medallion or an official Team Monster badge, you can now list it for sale between .091-.099 ...then send me a screenshot of the sale, and I will transfer a new one to you. You get paid, I grow Team Monster. 

Toxic Kindness


Who are the people you're supporting/promoting, using your time, energy, effort, or money to promote? That's right; whatever they got from you goes to whomever they support/promote the most, even if it's themselves. Before you help anyone else; may I recommend you click here to read

or click here to listen to part one of 

Codependent No More by Melanie Beattie


I appreciate those who appreciate Team Monster. When I come across a display of team spirit, I'll share it here.

Found something you think should be seen here? Submit it via the contact form, or DM @teammonster.eth on Instagram.