Monster Legacy

Kristen Brown is a tropical climate artist specializing in large abstract canvas paintings, with 26 years experience in realism, surrealism, abstract, and hyperrealism. Kristen is also a published author (What Didn't Kill Me) an EDM artist (Lethal Princess), founding member of a kpop duo (One Chill) using music in the interest of suicide prevention and personal empowerment, founder of #TeamMonster, and a Twitter Spaces host #MonsterPresents.

"Art, in all its forms, is the spin doctor of the mundane, understated, unknown, misunderstood, and over-looked." -Kristen Brown

Artist: Kristen Brown (Lethal Princess) 미평온

(click photo to see NFT of each painting)

Monster's Elephant

Sugar Fruit


Bassnectar Vibe

Secret Grotto

Comfortable Darkness

Bass Necktar


Spring Day

Melted Crayons


City Rain

More than Love

Busy Bee


Chaotic Sunset

Intrepid Hope

Luna Sea

Pursuit of Happiness



My Dragon

Candy Crushed

1st Half of Kristen's life story,

What Didn't Kill Me