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Breathe for Me

Breathe for Me 🎧

Don't believe my smile;

it's just a pretty lie.

I hide my pain and fear deep inside.

Don't try to love me;

you won't survive.

I'm deeper than you have,

the courage to dive.

Just breathe.

I'm not ok.

Just breathe.

I can't find my way.

Just breathe.

I'm not ok...

but don't give up on me.

Breathe your hope into me.

Breathe your love into me.

Breathe your life into me.

Just breathe, for me.

(작사) Lyrics written by : Kristen Brown (Lethal Princess)

(음악) Music composed and performed by: Kristen Brown (Lethal Princess)

(가수) Vocals: Kristen Brown (Lethal Princess)

©2017 Monster Legacy Music

℗2017 Monster Legacy Music